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Edisun is a band gaining momentum like a rocket. For starters, they're rapidly climbing the Active Rock charts with their second hit single, "Wide Awake (Riot In This Town)". If you're a sports fan, you've probably heard this track as it's widely played on ESPN Sports to get the fans fired up. What's more, their track "Ready To Believe" was chosen to be pre-loaded onto 4 million Sony portable media devices shipping this year. And if all that weren't enough, Edisun's track "To Die For" will be featured in Tap Out films Major Motion Picture "Hamill" hitting theaters nationwide in November 2011. An Edisun "Hamill" video in production and is slated to be released at the same time. So what's the secret to Edisun's success? Well, hard work is a given, but it comes down to quality rock and roll with the sort of catchy hooks, powerful riffs and soulful lyrics that grab your ear and won't let go.

Check out the video for "Wide Awake (Riot In This Town)":

Guitar World Studios - Edisun talks about their G&L guitars

Guitar World Studios - Edisun performs "Medicate"

Guitar World Studios - Edisun performs "To Die For"

Guitar World Studios - Edisun performs "Fly"

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