G&L Instruments at NYC's Germano Studios

After shutting the doors on The Hit Factory, arguably the most well known recording studio in the world, Troy Germano returned to NYC after consulting with European studios for a number of years. With his trend-setting facility in Noho, Germano Studios, Troy has created a relaxed environment that's attracting many of today's hottest artists.

Germano Studios' client roster includes Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Hudson, Matisyahu, Bruce Springsteen, LeAnn Rimes, Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Beyonce, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and more. Without question, Troy is once again one of the new shining stars in the commercial studio business.

Only The Best At Germano Studios

With a sophisticated boutique vibe, all of Troy’s house gear is high-end hip, from G&L instruments and hand-wired amps to the latest SSL Duality mixing desks and plugins including the BBE Sonic Sweet and Stompware.

At right: Troy Germano (standing) and Technical Director, Jay Whalen in the Studio 1 Control Room

"The G&L additions have strengthened our bass and guitar arsenal at the studios and the clients have already noticed the difference these instruments have made." - Troy Germano

Germano Studios
Germano Studios Germano and G&L: Superior Instruments for Superior Tracks

Germano Studios insists on the very best instruments for his clients. That's why Germano Studios has G&L instruments including the G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy and SB-2 ready for tracking.

At left: Troy Germano in Studio 2 Live Room

"The addition of the G&L SB-2 and the ASAT Classic Bluesboy have helped the studios on sessions that normally would have rented inferior instruments.

On a recent Jamie Squire session, the SB-2 bass helped shape a track's bass line that was unachievable with any other bass on hand at the studios."
- Troy Germano

"The G&L Bluesboy and the SB-2 bass are both killer instruments with great tone."- Jay Whalen

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