G&L Featured Artist: Josh Hagquist

Josh Hagquist and his G&L ASAT Deluxe

Southern California rocker Josh Hagquist, formerly of The Beautiful Mistake, sat down with us to answer some questions.

Tell us about yourself.

"I'm a musician from Southern California who has done multiple music projects over the years. I was the lead singer/guitarist for The Beautiful Mistake from 2000-2006, touring all over the world and releasing multiple albums and EP's during those years. Since then I've been playing bass for The Lassie Foundation out of Anaheim, and have been the touring guitarist for Project 86 from 2010-11. I'm also recording my first EP under the name Saint Valletta. I'm a huge gear-head, and just enjoy making music as much as I can."

How long have you been with G&L?

"I've played G&L guitars exclusively since 2002. I had always admired the quality of G&L instruments, and when the opportunity arose to work with G&L I jumped at the chance. I've been a dedicated user ever since and won't use anything else. I've played thousands of shows and my G&Ls have never failed me. The company has been a joy to work with over the years, and they've been quite good to me. Their love for music, and the people that make music is pretty awesome, and it's something I truly appreciate about the G&L family."

Which model do you use or have used in the past?

"I've used different G&L models for different bands/projects. Currently I use an ASAT Deluxe with Seymour Duncan pickups for my work with Project 86. It's heavy rock and those pick-ups, paired with the mahogany body makes this guitar sound pretty massive. I use ASAT Specials, a Semi-Hollow ASAT Bluesboy, and an ASAT Z-3 for my project called Saint Valletta. The music is more atmospheric, with cues taken from Echo And The Bunnymen and The Cure."

What pickup position do you use the most and why?

"The bridge position on the Z-3 is one of the cleanest tones I've ever heard from a single-coil pick-up. Beautiful shimmer, and a solid amount of sustain. For rythym tracks I normally use the bridge pick-up in my ASAT Specials. It's got a great amount of output, with note clarity but it breaks up nicely, especially with a little dirt or with the master volume cranked on the amp."

What projects are you currently working on? Are there any tour dates coming up for you?

"I'm currently recording an EP of new material for my band Saint Valletta. I grew up loving bands like New Order, The Smiths, and Echo And The Bunnymen so it's been really cool to be writing music in that same vein. I am also the touring guitarist for Project 86, a heavy rock band from Orange County, Califonia. Recently we played in Norway, and will be going back to Europe in October of 2017 for festival dates and a tour."