G&L Featured Artist: Scott Holt

Scott Holt and his G&L ASAT Classic

Lanky, tattooed Tennessean, Scott Holt has been a bearer of the Blues torch for his entire career. Born and raised in Tennessee, Texas and Mississippi, Scott and his family lived all over the area where his favorite music was born and developed. After beginning his musical journey relatively late, at the age of 19, Holt jumped on the fast-track by joining his friend and mentor Buddy Guy playing guitar for 10 years during the most successful period of the Legend’s career.

In addition to his tenure with Buddy and playing on the Grammy-winning record Slippin’ In, Holt has released 7 solo records and written and recorded with the band Foghat on their most recent release Under The Influence.

Holt's main instrument is an ASAT Classic he purchased in 2011. When asked what he likes most about his ASAT, Holt says:

"Ever since I've had this guitar, it has become my favorite instrument to play. The guitar can addapt to any musical scenario I throw at it. I tend to use all the pickup positions just because this guitar is so tonally versatile."

In addition to playing with Foghat, Scott has been touring, writing and recording material for his new album with his band as Scott Holt. Scott's other "projects" include Foghat members Roger Earl, Bryan Bassett, Rodney O’Quinn's side project called Earl & The Agitators.

You can see and follow Scott Holt bellow.