While working on the 20th anniversary re-recording of their multi-million selling album Stay Hungry, Twisted Sister’s Mark “The Animal” Mendoza was searching for the ultimate bass tone, and having difficulty achieving a sound with the right amount of definition and punch using his old stage gear. However, once he updated his rig with a selection of new G&L basses and a DI-1000 direct box and BMAX preamp from BBE Sound, that magic tone he sought was instantly there. After laying down his initial tracks and listening back, Mendoza proclaimed, “This is the very best bass sound I've ever had on any Twisted Sister record!”

To achieve his thunderous tone in the studio, Mendoza, who also produced the recording, switched off between two standard G&L L-2000 basses — one with an alder body and rosewood fingerboard, and one with a swamp ash body and maple fingerboard. Each instrument provided unique tonal characteristics, with the swamp ash/maple fingerboard combination delivering just a bit more punch.

This new TS compilation, re-titled Still Hungry, is scheduled for late summer release and features the first recordings in over 12 years by the reformed lineup. The CD includes five bonus tracks: “Heroes Are Hard To Find,” “Plastic Money,” “Come Back,” “You Know I Cry,” and “Rock N Roll Saviors.”

For the group's summer and fall tour dates, Mendoza will be sporting several customized G&L L-1500 basses.