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Since the return of the Comanche to the line in 1998, G&L enthusiasts have longed for a reprise of the unparalleled flexibility offered by the original Comanche VI ("Comanche Six") made between 1988-1991. The Comanche VI is sometimes referred to as a "six switch" Comanche due to its innovative control arrangement featuring six mini-toggle switches. Leo Fender was most fond of the electronic components of his instruments, not surprising given his earlier work in radio repair and amplifier design, and the Comanche VI was emblematic of his determination to offer musicians ever more tonal versatility. Whether the six switches were ahead of their time or simply too unconventional for mainstream players is still a matter of debate among G&L enthusiasts, but the Comanche VI clearly demonstrated Leo's brilliance and creativity.

The moment for a reprise of Leo's Comanche VI has finally arrived: G&L’s Custom Creations Department is pleased to introduce the G&L Comanche Studio VI. Reminiscent of the original Comanche VI, this guitar features G&L’s Magnetic Field Design Z-coil pickups, highly regarded for their robust single-coil tones while devoid of the 60-cycle hum typical of conventional single-coil pickups. Each Z-coil pickup is actually composed of two coils, one for the upper three strings and one for the lower three strings, and the coils are staggered such that low and high frequencies are accentuated, contributing to the richly textured tones of the instrument. The Comanche Studio VI, like the original Comanche VI, affords individual control over each coil in the pickup via one three-way switch per pickup.



Three 2-Way mini-toggle switches, each controls one pickup as follows:

1) Whole pickup on
2) Whole pickup off


Three 3-Way mini-toggle switches, each controls the coils of one pickup as follows:

1) Coil for lower three string on / coil for upper three strings off
2) Both coils on
3) Coil for lower three string off / coil for upper three strings on

ComS6 Controls


Each pickup also has its own on/off switch controlling the whole pickup, enabling any combination of the three Z-coil pickups to be activated. The ability to shut off all three pickups for total silence without unplugging the guitar provides added convenience, whether between studio takes or sets on stage. Together with the three-way coil control switches, every possible combination of coils and pickups is achieved, resulting in a broad tonal palette appealing to studio session players and gigging musicians alike. Such flexibility is the hallmark of Leo Fender's work, and the Comanche VI remains a pure example of Leo's vision, allowing musicians to create multiple musical timbres and sonic layers from just one guitar.

In the Comanche Studio VI, the G&L Custom Creations Department has married the tonal flexibility of the original Comanche VI with the familiar shape and comfortable feel of today's Comanche, crafted in two stunningly beautiful finish combinations. Restraint was deemed appropriate for both, and in deference to the Comanche VI traditionalists, both feature two-piece Swamp Ash bodies. Just 50 of each combination composes this Custom Creations Special Build run.

As a contemporary incarnation of Leo Fender's creative vision, the Custom Creations team hopes that this tribute to Leo would delight him as much as the musicians he cared so deeply for.

Comache Studio 6

Comanche Studio VI build info:

2007 - 100 instruments made
* 50 pcs. Honeyburst / Maple / Pearl pickguard / Tinted-Gloss neck finish
* 50 pcs. Tobacco Sunburst / Rosewood / Pearl pickguard / Tinted-Gloss neck finish

Specifications: 2007 run

Swamp Ash, two-piece solid
Honeyburst or Tobacco Sunburst
Hard Rock Maple
(MP or RW fingerboard)
Gun-oil Tint with Polished Gloss finish
1 5/8” Width at Nut
Medium Jumbo 6100
Schaller Locking
Graph-Tech self-lubricating
G&L Dual Fulcrum
Three Magnetic Field Design
Z-coil, each with 4-leads to control each coil

Three 3-Way coil switches
Three 2-Way pickup on/off switches
Volume and Tone (treble roll-off) control knobs

3-ply Pearl
Black G&G Deluxe Tolex with black plush lining
  • G&L Custom Creations Silver Certificate Of Authenticity
  • G&L The Art of Fine Instrument Making Factory Tour DVD
  • 14 ft. G&L Custom Creations Spectraflex Platinum braided cable
  • G&L Polish Cloth
  • One spare set of D’Addario XL110 strings (.010-.046)