Korina Collection ASAT Junior II

2011 Limited Edition - 100 instruments

Product Overview

Back in 1998, the ASAT Junior emerged as the second instrument from the Custom Creations Department. Blending the ASAT Special’s soapbar MFD pickups with a semi-hollow body, tune-o-matic bridge and a stunning trans-cherry finish, this limited edition blew the minds of G&L fans around the world. The ASAT Junior concept started in a hotel room in England, where Dave McLaren had just read an article about a Gibson Les Paul Junior. Dave reasoned that since many players incorrectly refer to the G&L soapbar MFD pickups as P-90s, wouldn’t it be fun to dress up an ASAT Special in a classic Kalamazoo style? Back in the states, Dave shared the idea with the Custom Creations crew and the rest is history.

As the Custom Creations crew tested the prototypes of the Korina-bodied Bluesboy, Steve Grom, Director of Manufacturing and Custom Creations gearhead, recalled the ASAT Junior with a stroke of genius: "How about we do an ASAT Junior with some of those P-90 pickups Paul Gagon has been working on?" Paul, our VP Engineering and pickup geek, couldn't wait to get to work on speccing some pickups for this tasty new guitar. Steve and the crew prepared a Korina body routed for P-90s, added a Tone-Pros locking stop-bar tailpiece, and handed it over to Paul to work his magic. With the tone dialed in, the authentic ASAT Junior pickguard and control arrangement were added, plus a Pau Ferro fingerboard for touch more mojo. From gritty blues to a focused Woman tone like nothing else, the Junior II is a masterpiece.


  • PICKUPS: G&L P-90 type pickups specced by Paul Gagon
  • BODY WOOD: 2-piece Korina (African White Limba)
  • BODY FINISH: Aged Natural Gloss
  • NECK WOOD: Quartersawn Hard Rock Maple with Pau Ferro fingerboard
  • NECK FINISH: Light Tint Gloss
  • NECK PROFILE: G&L #1 with 12" radius
  • FRETS: Medium Jumbo; processed by PLEK
  • TUNING KEYS: 12:1 ratio, sealed lubrication, adjustable knob tension
  • BRIDGE: TonePros T3BT locking bridge with T1Z locking tailpiece
  • CONTROLS: 3-position pickup selector, volume, tone
  • PICKGUARD: Single-ply black pickguard
  • CASE: Deluxe Hardshell Tolex Case w/Fitted Interior