G&L Guitars News: G&L Interview With Austin Bello of Forever The Sickest Kids

G&L Interview With Austin Bello of Forever The Sickest Kids

Fresh off the sold-out Van's Warped Summer 2013 Tour, Forever The Sickest Kids bassist Austin Bello took some time to talk with G&L during his downtime from the road and the studio. Join us as we talk band, gear & his fave 4-string instrument--G&L!

G&L: Did you ever decide on a name for your bass?

Austin: Absolutely! I have two G&L JB™ basses, my light blue one is named "Gill" from the movie What About Bob, the fish, and my dark blue bass is named "Apollo" the god of music and poetry. They're my friends.

G&L: What model are you playing and what do you like best about your bass?

Austin: I am playing the JB basses from G&L and I couldn't be more impressed with the overall tone and playability of these basses. I can honestly tell how much pride G&L puts into their instruments and most importantly the unique and crystal clear tone of these basses.

From the moment I strapped on this bass, before plugging it, I noticed how smooth the next and body were, as well as how tight each piece was put together. And needless to say, when I heard this bad boy in action, I was more than impressed by it's beefy low end and clear mid to high range tone. I immediately questioned myself about why I haven't been playing G&L my whole life!

G&L: How would you describe the tone?

Austin: If there was only one instrument when I walk into the gates of heaven, I would pray it's a G&L bass. Seriously though, I didn't know there could be a bass that would fit with any style of music. It has the opportunity for a smooth and pleasant mid boosted tone as well as a punchy, deep, loud, and bright tone! From Country to Heavy Metal this bass would only compliment each sound.

G&L: How is the feel?

Austin: Typically, in the past, when I got a new bass I would have to tweak the action and bridge but from the moment I played this bass I especially noticed the tight action which makes playing complicated riffs a breeze. The fret board allows for easy play and the underside of the neck makes movement incredibly fluid with no hick-ups while moving fast up and down the frets.

G&L: Would you recommend G&L to an young player?

Austin: I have been producing and writing with a ton of bands in my studio and as soon as the bass player records with my G&L basses, they are completely astonished and have nothing but curious questions on how they can get their hands on one! I wouldn't recommend ANY bass player to play anything else but G&L. There is no competition!

G&L: What's next for the Austin Bello and Forever The Sickest Kids?

Austin: Forever the Sickest Kids just recently released a new music video for our new song "Nikki" from our album J.A.C.K. So check that out. And I have been working with a ton of bands, helping develop their sound, writing songs with them, and producing their projects. To keep in touch with what I am doing you can follow me on my website at www.austinbello.com and on twitter @austinbello.

Lastly, I have to say what a pleasure it has been to be called a fellow G&L bass player! This company is full of sincere people that truly care about musicians and helping them sound the best they possibly can! G&L for life!