G&L Guitars News: Baroness Returns With New York Performance

Baroness Returns With New York Performance

G&L player John Baizley and his band Baroness have had one trying year. In August of 2012, the band and crew were involved in a horrible bus crash, while on tour in the UK, that left three of the four original members badly injured. Many speculated that Baroness would call it quits after such a traumatic experience but after a long year of rehabilitation, Baizley and Baroness are back!

The band took the stage in New York last week for a long-awaited set that included songs from Yellow & Green, the 2012 album that never saw the live performances it deserved... until now. Liz Ramanand of Loudwire got the great photo above of John during the comeback performance with his G&L ASAT® Special.

We couldn't be more happy to see John and the band back onstage and consider it a lesson in overcoming. Look for Baroness on tour this fall with dates scheduled in the US, Canada, and the UK. For more information, visit www.baronessmusic.com.