G&L Guitars News: Ed Friedland The Bass Whisperer Demonstrates the G&L M-2500 Bass

Ed Friedland "The Bass Whisperer" Demonstrates the G&L M-2500™ Bass

The Bass Whisperer, Ed Friedland, has posted a great video demonstration of the G&L M-2500™ bass. Ed goes into great detail about the differences in this bass from the "L" series and talks about the features that make it one of the most versatile basses available. Of course, the best part about Ed's videos are the playing examples, and this one does not disappoint. Ed plays a lot of real-world examples for you to see what the M-2500™ is capable of.

More about the G&L M-2500™ Bass: When Leo Fender introduced the iconic G&L L-2000 in 1981, the father of the electric bass was ready to disrupt the status quo. The L-2000 was revolutionary in ways that truly mattered -- flexibility and versatility. The L-2000's Tri-Tone active/passive circuitry was unlike anything before it, offering an amazing range of tones from a single instrument.

Fast forward thirty years and the iconic L-2000 and its L-2500 five-string counterpart are ready to share the stage with the evolution of Leo's masterpiece, the M-2000 and M-2500 basses. Read the whole story here.