Ed Friedland The Bass Whisperer Demonstrates the G&L MJ-4 bass

Ed Friedland "The Bass Whisperer" Demonstrates the G&L MJ-4™ Bass

Ed Friedland, "The Bass Whisperer," has posted a killer demo and review of the G&L MJ-4 bass. Ed walks you through the wide tonal variety provided by the MJ-4 and gives some great tips on dialing it in for the style of music you are playing. In the end, Ed confesses, "I'm just going to come right out and say it. I love this bass! I've been playing it on gigs now for several months, and it just makes me happy. It does everything I want a jazz bass to do, and it does a whole lot more. And, it does it all really well." We're really glad he likes it so much, and we're quite sure you will too! Check out the video and then run down to your local G&L dealer and get your hands on one.

About the G&L MJ-4™: Evolution is about enhancing and expanding desirable traits while reducing unwanted traits. That was Leo Fender's mission for G&L, and that's exactly what the new MJ-4™ accomplishes The active MJ-4 features G&L's new Bi-coil Alnico V pickups and MJ-spec preamp/control system for a wide range of single-coil tones from classic jazz to far beyond, all without single-coil hum.

A G&L Alnico Bi-coil pickup looks just like a classic Alnico single-coil, but under the cover are two side-by-side coils, configured in series-humbucking mode. The new pickups are optimized for a specially tuned version of G&L's studio-quality M-spec preamp and control system, dubbed MJ-spec. The 18v system features volume, pan and +/-14dB 3-band EQ with center detents, and is powered by twin 9v batteries housed in an easy-access compartment. With an LF442 chip, 100v poly caps, 1% metal film resistors and big, fat signal traces on the mil-spec circuit board, this preamp reveals everything the player and the instrument have to offer.

  • G&L Bi-coil pickups for classic tone without the hum
  • MJ-spec studio-quality 18v preamp
  • Primary volume and pan controls to explore the full range of sounds available between the two pickups
  • +/-14dB 3-band EQ with peripherally placed, center-detent, reduced-diameter knobs
  • An impeccable, familiar "feel" of the instrument in the hands and on the shoulder
  • 1-1/2" nut-width, medium C neck neck profile
  • Medium-Jumbo, Plek-dressed frets