G&L Guitars News: James Cruz Set To Play The Tonight Show With Gavin Degraw

James Cruz Set To Play The Tonight Show With Gavin Degraw

We recently caught up with G&L player James Cruz, who gave us some cool news. James has been on the road with Gavin Degraw, playing his G&L M-2000 basses, and on Thursday August 8, the band will be taking a break from their summer tour with Train to perform live on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Be sure to tune in to your local NBC affiliate that night to catch the show.

G&L: We understand Gavin just wrapped up a new video.

JAMES CRUZ: Yes. We filmed Gavin's new video for his latest single "Best I Ever Had" at a very cool and very big warehouse in Nashville, Tennessee. The concept is basically Gavin going around in a car singing in different states of the country. It looks great, but I had to use an upright double Bass at the director's request. I had a blast and it was fun to do, but I missed my G&L's!

G&L: What G&L basses are you currently using?

JAMES CRUZ: I'm using the new M-2000. I have two, one in red and another all natural that I call Blonde.

G&L: Why is the M-2000 your "go to" bass with Gavin and your other projects?

JAMES CRUZ: The M-2000 is a monster bass instrument. As soon as I got it and plugged it in, I was in love with it's sound. The neck is a throw back from G&L's earlier 80's models with a classic "C" shape, 1-5/8" neck that suits me and my playing style well. The Body is nice and light and the controls are laid out exactly the way I need them to be. For Gavin's music, the M-2000 couldn't be more perfect, with a growl and round but edgy punch that could only come from a G&L Bass.

G&L: What is coming up next for you?

JAMES CRUZ: I'm going to be showcasing my Red M-2000 on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on the 8th of August. It's the second time I've done the show and I'm looking forward to using the M-2000 this time around for the world to see! Gavin also has a lot of TV and promo dates coming up with his new album about to drop! So of course I'll be using the M-2000 for it all!

G&L: And you are on the road now?

JAMES CRUZ: Yes we are currently on the road with Train. It's a summer tour through the middle of August and I have both my Red and Blonde G&L M-2000's with me. They are performing to perfection and have proven to be very road worthy. And of course they sound and feel fantastic!

Visit www.gavindegraw.com for a complete list of tour dates where you can see James Cruz on tour with Gavin Degraw.