G&L Guitars News: Jody Porter of Fountains of Wayne

Jody Porter of Fountains of Wayne

We caught up with Jody Porter of Fountains of Wayne last week who was in New York City tracking at Tree House Recording Studio with his G&L Tribute Series ASAT® Classic Bluesboy™. Jody is actually working on two new projects, a solo project, and a new FOW project. We are super-excited about both and love that Jody is putting his G&L axe to good use.

And did we mention that it's a Tribute Series guitar? Yeah, that's right! The Lake Placid Blue beauty is all over the recordings and is also out with Jody on FOW's tour with Soul Asylum. Jody told us, "I need an axe with a rock solid neck for use onstage and the G&L Tribute Series ASAT® Classic Bluesboy™ holds its tuning night after night without fail. This guitar is happening!"

Check out www.fountainsofwayne.com for a complete list of tour dates and the latest news about the upcoming FOW album.

About The G&L Tribute Series ASAT® Classic Bluesboy™: The G&L ASAT® Classic Bluesboy™ is a factory-modded version of Leo's final word on the traditional single-cutaway bolt-on axe. For players looking for the unmistakable warmth of a classic humbucker in the neck position, the Bluesboy delivers with a well-balanced pairing of a G&L alnico humbucker designed by Paul Gagon and a single-coil G&L Magnetic Field Design™ bridge pickup designed by Leo Fender.

Framed in a classic boxed-steel bridge, the single-coil MFD™ bridge pickup delivers crisp attack with complex harmonics while individual brass saddles offer modern levels of intonation refinement. Flip to the neck 'bucker and you'll discover all the charismatic warmth you could ask for. Put 'em together and you'll find yourself immersed in exploring the limits of this guitar's surprising versatility.

The Tribute® Series ASAT Classic Bluesboy is dripping with mojo at a price attainable for every working musician. Once you play a G&L Tribute Series, you'll never look back. More info here.