G&L Guitars News: Screaming Females Guitarist Marissa Paternoster

Screaming Females Guitarist Marissa Paternoster

G&L guitarist (and S-500™ fan) Marissa Paternoster has been grabbing the attention of the guitar-playing public for a few years now. In fact, a lot of people are noticing this fireball, six-string shredder who fronts New Jersey based rock band Screaming Females.

In May 2012, SPIN Magazine listed Marissa at #77 on their list of "100 Greatest Guitarist of All Time," proclaiming that, "Even after five Screaming Females albums, it's hard not to feel unexpectedly smacked upside the head by Marissa Paternoster's guitar, which -- like her bracing singing voice -- still sounds way too massive to be wielded by any human being without superpowers and way too confident to fit comfortably within the confines of indie rock."

In October 2013, RedBull.com featured Marissa in an article called "Meet The 30 Best Guitarists Under 30."

When we asked legendary producer and Garbage drummer Butch Vig about Marissa, he had this to say: "Marissa is an incredible guitar player. She has the chops to absolutely shred, but she can also push a song into crazy places: primal punk riffs, complex jazzy motifs, beautiful shimmering chords, and speed metal, sometimes all in the same song! She is a absolute star!"

Be sure to check out Marissa Paternoster and Screaming Females at www.screamingfemales.com.

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