G&L Guitars News: Nick Jaffe Compares G&L's Magnetic Field Design and Alnico Pickups

Nick Jaffe Compares G&L's Magnetic Field Design™ and Alnico Pickups

Have you ever wondered what the "real" difference is between G&L Magnetic Field Design™ pickups and G&L Leo Fender-designed and Paul Gagon-spec'd Alnico pickups? Well, you're in luck. Nick Jaffe has posted a great video that sets the record straight. Watch below as Nick uses Elvin Bishop's classic tune, "Fooled Around and Fell In Love" (sung by the awesome Mickey Thomas), as a sounding board to show you what these pickups can do and how they differ. He uses a G&L Tribute Series ASAT® Special and a G&L ASAT® Classic 'S' Alnico (along with a BBE Windowpane™ Fuzz and BBE G Screamer™ Gus G Signature Overdrive) to make his point. Check it out. Nick gives you all the info, but you and your ears will have to decide which pickups you prefer.