G&L Guitars News: Nick Jaffe Reviews The G&L ASAT Classic 'S' Alnico

Nick Jaffe Reviews The G&L ASAT® Classic 'S' Alnico

Chicago based guitarist Nick Jaffe has published an in-depth review of the G&L ASAT® Classic 'S' Alnico. Nick walks you through the different tonal capabilities of this versatile guitar and includes audio samples as he explains each control and pickup configuration. As an added bonus, Nick plays through his own take on Roberta Flack's timeless classic, "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," which includes gorgeous clean tones enhanced with a BBE Two Timer™ TT-2 Dual Mode Analog Delay as well as smooth, driven tones courtesy of a BBE Windowpane™ WP-69 Silicon Fuzz.

About the G&L ASAT® Classic 'S' Alnico: Following on the heels of the ASAT Classic Alnico, the G&L crew in Fullerton turned their attention to bringing uncompromising alnico sonic flavor to the three-pickup ASAT Classic 'S'. The single-coil Alnico V bridge pickup created by Leo Fender and spec'd by G&L's Paul Gagon belts out meaty twang that that'll stop you in your tracks. Flip to the Alnico V neck pickup and you'll discover Gagon's spec offers a fuller tone that leaves traditional, anemic T-style neck pickups in the dust. Read more about the G&L ASAT Classic 'S' Alnico here.