G&L Guitars News: Nick Jaffe Demo's The Tribute Series Fiorano GTS

Nick Jaffe Demo's The Tribute® Series Fiorano™ GTS

G&L founder Leo Fender had a vision for a new guitar, and his partner George Fullerton sketched that vision. G&L's Steve Grom uncovered the sketch three decades later in Leo's workshop, and his colleague Paul Gagon set about turning the vision into reality. He enlisted Jackson Guitars founder Grover Jackson -- a long-time friend and collaborator -- to contribute. The result is an instrument that's steeped in rock-guitar history but groundbreaking: the Fiorano, the first set-neck, 25-1/2"-scale, three-tuners-to-a-side guitar G&L has ever offered. It's a striking instrument and, quite simply, it kicks ass.

But don't take our word for it. Guitarist Nick Jaffe prepared this demonstration video of the Fiorano GTS, and with the help of a BBE 427™ Distortion, BBE Sonic Stomp™ and a BBE G-Screamer™ Gus G Signature Overdrive let's you see (and hear) first-hand why the Fiorano GTS is one of the most versatile guitars out there. Watch the video below and then make your way to your local G&L dealer to check out the Fiorano GTS for yourself. Oh yeah, and did we mention? The Fiorano GTS won the Guitar World Platinum Award for Excellence! Read more about the Fiorano GTS here.