G&L Guitars News: Premier Guitar Reviews The Superhawk Deluxe Jerry Cantrell

Premier Guitar Reviews The Superhawk™ Deluxe Jerry Cantrell

Premier Guitar has posted a review of the G&L Superhawk™ Deluxe Jerry Cantrell signature model. Jordan Wagner takes a close look at the guitar and even includes clean and distorted recording samples of the Superhawk™ Deluxe. Here's a look at what Jordan had to say.

"Judging by the Superhawk Deluxe's lively unplugged resonance, G&L put a lot of thought and effort into making the guitar sustain as much as possible. And as I tuned the guitar, I noticed an impressive amount of vibration transferring to my body--and that's usually the sign of well-built instrument. Even so, the resonance of the Superhawk Deluxe was extra remarkable."

"Combined with a Bogner Ecstasy Red preamp pedal running into the power amp of a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier, the Superhawk Deluxe unleashed mammoth rhythm tones rich with lows and detailed mids. The guitar's maple body and neck seem to give the output a bright edge and quick attack, which goes well with amps that have darker voicings. The 25 1/2" scale also brings out the presence and a snappy attack, which is especially noticeable when you flip to the bridge pickup. Even with tons of gain, the guitar demonstrates impressive note-to-note separation."

"Playing overdriven leads on the Superhawk Deluxe is also a treat. It's pretty easy to dial in a tone that slices right through the mix. The Duncan JB is well known for its ability to cover a lot of tonal ground, and depending on your amp rig and settings, the Superhawk's bridge pickup can easily cover everything from treble-heavy shred to burly, Kyuss-like single-note melodies."

"If you're one of the many players obsessed with capturing Jerry Cantrell's wailing guitar tones, the new signature Superhawk Deluxe might be right up your alley. Its resonance and build quality are excellent, the simple controls and stable tuning make it satisfying to play, and the versatile pickup set can cover hard rock, metal, classic rock, country, and blues."

Read the review at www.premierguitar.com and find out more about the G&L Superhawk™ Deluxe Jerry Cantrell signature model here.