G&L Guitars News: Vintage Guitar Magazine Reviews the G&L Fallout

Vintage Guitar Magazine Reviews the G&L Fallout™

Phil Feser at Vintage Guitar magazine has reviewed the G&L Fallout and the results are in the November 2013 issue. Look for it on news stands and at your favorite guitar store soon.

The Fallout draws it's inspiration from G&L's 1982 SC-2TM model and takes it to the next level. It shares the original Leo Fender-designed SC-2 body shape and features the sustain-rich G&L Saddle Lock bridge and easy-playing medium-C-shape neck with a 12" radius and medium-jumbo frets. Add a Paul Gagon-designed G&L Alnico P-90 neck pickup and a Seymour Duncan JB bridge humbucker and you've got a killer, retro-stylish guitar capable of everything from dirty riffs to jangly hooks. It's the best of modern and vintage, rolled into one cool guitar! Mr. Feser tends to agree.

After plugging the Fallout into an Orange Dual Terror head with matching Celestion-loaded 2-12 cabinet, and later a Fender Twin Reverb 2-12 combo, Feser concludes, "The Saddle Lock bridge, tight neck joint, resonant alder body, and Duncan bridge humbucker conspired to give the Fallout a thick and tight overdrive tone with excellent note separation through the overdrive channel of the Orange amp. Even with the overdrive piled on, the bridge humbucker produced a crunch tone that stayed articulate and didn't wash out."

Regarding the Gagon-designed P-90, Feser continued, "The Gagon-designed P-90 in the neck position produced a hot and fat single-coil tone that easily kept up with the bridge humbucker for a nice balance. It also fared well with the overdrive piled on, providing a thick, dark tone without an overwhelming amount of expected single-coil noise and hum."

Upon plugging the Fallout into the Twin Reverb, Mr. Feser commented, "This guitar is capable of providing a broad palette of country twang and old-school blues tones through the Twin Reverb. The Seymour Duncan JB's focused tone produces a clean sound in full humbucker mode and a foot-stompin' twang in split single-coil mode, while the neck pickup's thick-and-throaty tone is clear and round--great for blues. The balanced tone of the selector's middle position produces a goodly amount of jangle with very round and punchy mids and punchy highs. Engaging the bridge humbucker's coil splitter while in the middle position pushes the Fallout's sound straight into Tele territory, with super-snappy highs and lush jangle."

In conclusion, Mr. Feser stated, "The Fallout sports a ton of alternative retro vibe. More importantly, it offers the high build quality that is by now expected from the crew at G&L and a surprising variety of both modern and old-school tones."

The SC-2 was born as a cool looking, comfortable and light axe that could be thrashed mercilessly and not miss a beat. Fallout keeps those qualities in the mix but branches out to cover today's sophisticated textures and tones. Check one out at your local G&L Musical Instruments dealer.